Doing more with nuclear…..

Why stop at power generation? Here, Michael JD Rushton and William E Lee suggest that small modular and other advanced reactors could also be employed to generate heat for use in homes and industry, as well as to create clean hydrogen. Experience of both exists in Europe and Russia.

The nuclear reactors under construction at Hinkley Point are all about big numbers: after an expected construction time of eight years, they will generate 3.2 GW of electricity for at least 60 years. Their price is also huge, with a projected cost of over £20bn. Once operational, the performance of such stations is impressive but in recent years actually getting large nuclear projects built has proven difficult – schemes of similar magnitude have failed at Moorside (3.4 GW), Wylfa (2.7 GW) and Oldbury (2.7 GW). Read the full story here