sustainable, clean energy

that doesn’t cost the earth

NWNA - Our purpose

The North West Nuclear Arc – NWNA – is a unique nuclear sector cluster – spanning the North of England and North Wales.  Incorporating all the facilities and capabilities across the whole nuclear lifecycle from fuels, to energy production, management of waste and decommissioning. NWNA is unique in the UK and widely recognised as a world class, self-contained, end to end nuclear system all within a very compact geography.

Our vision is that the NWNA nuclear cluster provides sustainable, clean energy to the nations of the UK and supports high value local jobs, livelihoods and business growth in some of its most disadvantaged places.

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We do this by working with key industry stakeholders, local and national governments and communities to create a shared vision for nuclear within our geography. We communicate our vision and our messages about the role of nuclear as a key contributor to a mixed clean energy system as well as its other economic and societal benefits.

The impact of C-19 on the local, national and global economy will have long term repercussions for the UK’s disadvantaged communities.  New ways of working are needed, including higher levels of cooperation to level up and strengthen local economies. Going forward into recovery, NWNA offers a ready-made means of coordinating and facilitating new nuclear investment into the North of England and North Wales.

Sustainable, clean energy

Sustainable, clean energy that doesn’t cost the earth. Nuclear is low carbon, sustainable, reliable and with new approaches to financing and business practice around new nuclear sites and technologies – it can be delivered more cheaply. It doesn’t have to cost the earth – environmentally or financially. Nuclear is key to keeping the lights on, powering the electrification of homes and transport as the UK transitions the energy system away from coal and gas.

Beyond the kettle

Nuclear does more than supply power to the grid to run our homes and businesses. Nuclear saves lives – powering CT scanners and through nuclear medicine. Nuclear power must be key ingredient in the production of synthetic fuels and hydrogen, which can be used to power transport and reduce carbon. Nuclear provides hope to people in the most arid parts of the world who need essential desalinisation technologies to produce water for drinking and agriculture. Nuclear powers space exploration. Nuclear could provide district heating and hot water to homes at very low cost. It provides so much more benefit to society than just electricity alone.


Cleaning-up at home and across the globe. Unlike other energy producers – Nuclear power producers clean up after themselves. They will always do so, both now and into the future.  Managing legacy waste from the first-generation nuclear sites is complex, but the complexity has driven world leading innovation, technologies and know how.  NWNA is home to truly exceptional and world class capability in clean-up. More support is needed for UK technology providers and firms to effectively export this capability and clean-up the market overseas.